Nuts & Bolts


“The future of Africa is bright. Innovation, and not aid, is the answer.”

McLean Sibanda believes that Africa must be deliberate about its economic development and that change requires champions and, importantly, fertile enabling environments.

In Nuts & Bolts you’ll gain unique perspectives of the challenges faced by leaders overseeing a turnaround in any organisation and the thought processes behind innovation initiatives that yield value. McLean provides practical insights on innovation and entrepreneurship for Africa’s development through a narrative of his seven years of repositioning Sub-Saharan Africa’s first internationally recognised Science and Technology Park, The Innovation Hub. Reflections from successful entrepreneurs who experienced support and expertise through the Hub, who have all gone on to build successful businesses, will be useful for those working on a start-up or innovation and don’t know where to begin. The musings of entrepreneurs, innovators and ecosystem builders provide relevant context, inspiration and examples how best to make use of support programmes provided by incubators and organisations similar to The Innovation Hub.

Described by Dr Niel Kruger from University of Johannesburg as “A book written to be understood. Refreshingly honest and open,” Nuts & Bolts is a book about hope and inspiration; stories about real people and companies who are making a difference that are influencing the future of our planet and its people. It captures deep insights from the considerable time McLean has spent with entrepreneurs and innovators, on the importance of inclusive innovation and entrepreneurship, and provides a mix of global experiences and entrepreneurship narratives that eloquently sketch out the ‘nuts and bolts’ for entrepreneurship and innovation.

“I hope this book will be of value to those wanting to make a difference, or be the difference, in solving many challenges faced by our world today, and in developing new products and services to create new market opportunities for a better world.”


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