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Welcome to our book club section of our website. Here we review, share and promote books suggested by our mentors, mentees and our members. We don’t sell the books however we encourage you to read them or purchase them by simply clicking on the links below. 

Success is a journey we’re all on and it looks different from moment to moment for each of us. The best way to learn, grow and succeed is to look at those who’ve gone before us and ask those who currently find themselves where we want to be. Then apply their lessons to our lives. After all, the best way to fail forward, is to not fail in the same places others have.

McLean Sibanda believes that Africa must be deliberate about its economic development and that change requires champions, and importantly, fertile enabling environments.

In Nuts & Bolts you will gain unique perspectives on challenges faced by leaders overseeing a

‘Flirting, boasting, gossiping, teasing, hanging out, confessing: all that classic teen stuff has always happened … It’s just that it used to happen behind the bike sheds, or via tightly folded notes pressed urgently into sweating hands in the corridor between lessons. Social networking sites and mobile phones have simply facilitated the whole business, a gadzillion times over .’  – John Henley, in an article in The Guardian